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Philosophy of Mathematics

These preliminary notes date back to 1984–2000. They were intended to constitute the core of the corresponding chapter in the new (unfinished) book, Philosophy of Nature, to follow the publication of Philosophy of Consciousness in 2009. Here, a few relatively complete fragments are presented, just to illustrate the general direction of thought and to hint on the scientific background of the other expositions of unism. Each note is self-contained, and there is no particular order that would impart a sense of monograph to the whole.

Flames of Math
Mathematics as a Social Science
Mathematical Relativity
Mathematics and Computers
Mathematical Measurement
The Diagonal Fallacy
The Straights of the Circle
Numeral Systems
Perceptive Forms
Elementary Sets
Rational Dimensions

Mathematical Notes

Sets vs. Boolean Algebra
Negative Sets
Fuzzy Sets and Relativistic Velocity Addition
Logical Symmetries and Complex-Valued Logic
Points and Limits
Hierarchical Dimension
Quantum Set Theory


Comments on "Visualization of the Continuum Problem and Mirror Symmetric Proofs in the Transfinite Numbers Theory" by A.Zenkin
Comments on "Fatal Mistake of Georg Cantor" by A.Zenkin
Notes on the margins

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