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Assorted Notes

Assorted notes clarifying the position of unism in physics were written in 1983–2007. They are presented here without any particular order, just as the drafts were formatted for publication. The selection favors brief notes of a philosophical character. Too technical papers containing many equations and calculations have been intentionally omitted.

On Virtuality
Remarks on F. J. Tipler
The Logic of the Paradox
Quantum Nonlocality, Stellar Evolution and the Integrity of the Universe
EPR Experiment and Complementary Paradigms in Physics
Time vs. Interval
Black Holy Logic
Observers, Time, and Velocity Measurements
Among the Wise and Crazy
Global Relativity and Relative Locality
Energy and Information
Phenomenology of Space and Time
Dazzling Ideas
Nonlinear Kinematics
A Bright Thought of the Dark Matter
On Inertial Rotation
Heads Properly Placed
Equilibrium in Manifolds
Relativistic Illusion

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On the Digital Time Paradigm
Information, Physics and Animal Subjectivism

Fuzzy Sets and Relativistic Velocity Addition
A Mathematical Model of Scale Perception
Physics and Psychology in the Hierarchical World: Towards Physical Psychology
Science Without Consciousness: Collapse of Reason
Discreteness, Continuity and Hierarchical Scaling in the Arts
Philosophy of Consciousness


Spatial and temporal correlation in dynamic, multi-electron quantum systems J. Phys. B, 34, 5055–5069 (2001) [PDF]
Excitation of autoionizing states of helium by 100 keV proton impact J. Phys. B, 33, 971–999 (2000) [PDF]

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