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Creative Definition

Traditionally, we define something representing it a part of a wider something, an element of a class. Hence, formal definitions only refer to special things; they are never applicable to the universal. No philosophical category is formally definable; the usage of formal schemes in philosophy can only be a kind of illustration, or a figure of speech. This is even more so with unism in general, which is not yet another philosophy, but rather a comprehensive ideological platform. However much, mere reading is not enough here. To comprehend unism, one has to learn acting in a universal way in any specific situation, thus developing the ability of hierarchical perception. Individual creativity is the key to universal ideas.

Unism encompasses the classical logic, but it is much wider. One could suggest many sentences of the type "Unism is ...", and they all would be equally right, as well as equally wrong. Happiness, love, honesty, sincerity—all such ideas cannot be fully defined in words, one has to experience them, in order to understand them.

Of course, verbal explications are useful—as any other activity. A collection of texts arranged in a hierarchical manner can stimulate the reader's own hierarchical development, giving a stronger feeling of the world's integrity and a deeper insight into unism as its conscious reflection. That is, unism cannot be "taught", imposed on somebody from the outside as abstract knowledge. Learning unism rather means recreating it from one's own experiences, with some guidance by the others. In particular, these pages could serve as such conceptual aids for the reader’s own creativity. The notions thus obtained may differ from mine, up to becoming opposite to me sometimes. However, any opposites are the opposite sides of the same, and they remain opposite only within their whole.

There is no limit for creation, and creative definitions cannot be final; they refer to something in development, and hence they develop as well. What seemed stable for a long time can suddenly appear in an unexpected turn, indicating that evolution has come to a critical point. This is especially so with human ideas which freely grow and transform into their opposites, violating any formal frameworks. Unism means freedom. It is incompatible with dogmas and blind beliefs; it is made of conscious convictions that will be always subject to critical revision on the current level of cultural development.