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by P. J.


Here, I have collected a few texts written on occasion, thus presenting the attitude of unism to the common phenomena of everyday life. These pages are nothing but a preliminary exposure, a motive for further acquaintance. Further development is to seek for a more comprehensive treatment, including the special issues in the universal context.

A Hell of Enlightenment
Wisdom in Time
Nothing's Wasted!
False Pride and Property
Multiple Worlds
Authorship and Plagiarism
Transportation Scales
Love to the End of Doom
Web Ways and the Formation Theory
Summits in History
Struggle for Life
East and West
Referencing and Identification
Vain Disputes
People vs. People
Web Traps
Medical Paradigm
Culture and Anticulture
Humiliating Respect
Styles of Referencing
The True Face of Charity
Intellectual Property and Pirates
Workaholism and Human Universality
Midlife Crisis?
The end of the GULAG myth
The Black Tuesday: The Crisis of Civilization
The Internet as an Instrument of Class Struggle
Well-Armed Means Guilty
Lability as a Social Disease
Non-Proliferation of Dominance
Logic for Idiots
Cattle Reason?
The Abyss of Hope
Strong Cowards and Evil Giants
Pyramids of Lie
Demented Democracy
Soft and Hard
Bad Spam, Good Spam
Revolutions? Coups d'état!
On-Demand Publishing: A Glimpse of the New Economic Order
Consciousness is Not for Humans
The Triad of Swimming
Hangman Busch and the Hostage of America
Smoker, the Killer of the Humanity [RU]
In Search of Degeneration
The Mobile Haze
The Barbarians and Harmony
On Cultural Relativism
The Facets of Doping
The Clip Culture
Ad Terror
The Eco-Marasmus
Weather and Health
The Body of Freedom
Impudent Diversity
The Ups of the Downs
Thinking of the Reed
One More Step
Slow and Steady

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