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Hangman Busch and the Hostage of America

The United States have committed yet another murder. Saddam Hussein has been hanged by their myrmidons in the occupied Iraq. Well, who cares for one more person killed, after thousands of Iraqi lives have already been sacrificed to the business interests of American capitalists? This is how Americans acted many times, all over the world: Chile, Grenada, Romania, Yugoslavia, and... They kill people overseas, and they feel their impunity, hiding themselves behind the heaps of arms. However, hangman Busch has made the whole of America a hostage of the bloody politics of its ruling class and its puppet administration. Today, killing an American looks as supreme justice, and the sweetest dream of every oppressed nation is to bring the fate of Iraq to the American territory, to have that country ruined, occupied, depopulated and, of course, to see President Busch executed as an extremely dangerous criminal, an international terrorist, who murdered millions of people on the Earth. Such dreams are sure that to find their way to reality some day, and the United States will certainly be punished for all they have done to the world. No weapon can defend a murderer from the noble vengeance of the indignant humanity.

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