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Since economy and economic relations lie in the foundation of culture in general, and all the forms of reflection grow on this ground, no world view can be consistent without a definite position on economic issues. Unfortunately, one cannot always clearly formulate this position. The fragmentary and nonsystematic course of life is a logical consequence of particular social conditions. Just for a hint, here are a few notes written in different time, with much reference to a country that has long since ceased to exist; some remarks could have become obsolete. But there is capitalism, and there is class struggle. The forms have changed in the present situation, but this does not change anything in essence. Therefore, something in these notes might be of not entirely historical interest. In any case, they illustrate an ideological position, showing yet another facet of the whole, with more feeling of plenitude.

Notes on Economy

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Philosophy of Consciousness
Are We Conscious Beings? Not Yet.
Class Struggle: Who Wins?
Dialectics of Hierarchies

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