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Computers and Programming

Computer Philosophy

The sphere of information processing is relatively young; it is still in the phase of rapid development. That is why a text on computers will most probably become obsolete before anybody happens to read it. Still, there are general topics repeatedly reproduced on each level of development, and one of them is the lack of intelligent criticism that strikes the eye on the background of so much talented creativity. These notes are to contribute to the growth of the industry’s self-consciousness, as a complement to the technological progress, which is extensively covered elsewhere by the others. The texts were written in different years on various occasions; here, they are presented in a random order, regardless of the date.

Art, Science, Philosophy [RU]
The Captives of the Tower [RU]
No Illusions, Please [RU]
Programs and Agents [RU]
OS out of Narcosis [RU]
Regular Expressions [RU]
Commonality and Communication [RU]
Modularity and Integration
Java beyond classes
Hierarchical Styling
Object-Oriented vs. Relational
To Jump or not to Jump?
Future in Java?
Computer System Paradigms
The Static Goes Dynamic
Security-Proof Fools [RU]
Integrity of Distributed Data [RU]
Faceted Faces [RU]

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