Vitamin C - Variation 2b, magnified 45x
by Bernie Schopper

An abstract from the author's statement

Suppose one were to devise some sort of "lens" that could focus electrical energy into a single point, much like a magnifying glass focusing sunlight on a combustible object. In the second case, the heat generated would be so intense, it could set the object on fire. What would happen in the first case? That is what I wanted to find out, since focusing electrical energy into a very small area sets up a field of such an intense energy, that the structure of matter might be altered.

After two years of research and experimentation (I am an amateur scientist and entrepreneur), I have designed such a device, capable of concentrically focusing electrical energy. Then, I discovered when certain crystals are exposed to this intense electric field during their growth process, some samples form microscopic landscapes of extraordinary beauty (at least in the eye of this beholder :)).

Each crystal landscape created in this manner is unique, but highly unstable and disintegrates after a short time. Consequently, as soon as a crystal landscape has been formed, I photograph its most aesthetically pleasing sections, with the film negative becoming the only record of the new crystal's brief existence.

By varying the strength of the electric field (from 40 000 - 160 000 volts are applied), or the composition of the crystalline solution, virtually infinite variations of a crystal landscape can be created.

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